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Current Writing

New posting is paused for the foreseeable future. A family member has reached the end of treatments and entered hospice. If I have the brain space I may write something new, but now I ask for time and space to be with and support family. Cancer sucks. Thank you. /penny 04 August 2022

PSG Studio

I write articles to help your microbusiness better understand the technology it uses every day, how to make mindful decisions about what to use and how to use it, and plan for the unexpected.

little acorn creations

At this site I share thoughts about my creative process. In addition, I also often write tips, tutorials, or reviews about topics of interest to those who enjoy the fiber arts.

Penguin Girl

I've written many blog posts since 2003. Each week I write about something — books I've read, thoughts on something I've made or cooked, share the status of my garden, or photo of a cat.

Recent Articles, Reviews, and New Patterns

There are some things that don't fit neatly above, or I want to draw extra attention to them. I read lots of books, often as Advance Reader Copies (ARCs) provided by NetGalley or LibraryThing. My newest knit & crochet designs also often end up linked here.

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