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PSG Studio

write articles to help your microbusiness better understand the technology it uses every day, how to make mindful decisions about what to use and how to use it, and plan for the unexpected.

  • As the modern workplace has evolved and metrics for output and productivity have been adapted to measure everything, we’ve been conditioned that we must be busy, we must hit artificial targets, and our brains must continue to do more. Unfortunately, this does not guarantee results. It more often guarantees burn out. Cal Newport’s most recent […]
  • It’s a new Monday, a new month, and a new year. Perhaps you are opening a new notebook or planner today and feel overwhelmed. Personally, I prefer not to start a new book on January 1st to help combat this extra “newness” angst. I like beginning one when it’s an otherwise normal mundane day. However, […]
  • When nothing is going how you believe it should and you are frustrated, the solution is simple. Reboot. Writer Anne Lamott shared this at her TED talk back in 2017 and it went viral at the time for good reason. She said, “almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes. […]

little acorn creations

At this site I often share thoughts about my creative process, tips, tutorials, and reviews about topics of interest to those who enjoy the fiber arts. I also have a library of knit and crochet swatches with new swatches being added.

New crochet patterns:

  • Little details can transform a simple item into something very special. A tubular bind-off can take a humble 1×1 rib edging and turn it into a finished and sophisticated feature. It sounds tricky and complicated, but is straightforward once you break down the steps. One quick word of warning — you do need to be […]
  • How does one review a book that profoundly changes how one thinks? It’s a challenge to find a balance of the right words, ones that go beyond “read this title” or sound like a love letter. Sequence Knitting is remarkable in its simplicity and focus on laying out all that is possible with knits and […]
  • I always have many works in progress (WIPs). The same thing happens to me with books. I may set a project aside for months … or years and return to it and continue as if there was no pause. How do I keep track of all the details? Carefully. The other day someone asked me […]

Penny’s Notebook

I started this site to provide me more control and flexibility in sharing what I’m working on without social media or the historical weight of Penguin Girl. I still maintain my Ravelry account. At this digital notebook I share more updates to projects I’m working on — with words and photos. It’s a work in progress and I hope to build more tools.

  • This knit was so fast it slipped through without updates. I need to code a more efficient way to make these log updates and update photos.
  • This project proves again that an interested knitter is a fast knitter. The body zoomed and it was as fun to knit as I’d heard. I may rework the beak with the yarn held doubled, it’s […]
  • I work on the body of the sweater most nights in front of the TV, it’s plain stockinette so it should be easy and fast. Yesterday I brought it to knitting group. It was much better […]

Penguin Girl

This site began in 2003 and many blog posts have been written on a variety of topics. Often I write about something — books I’ve read, thoughts on something I’ve made or cooked, share the status of my garden, or photo of a cat. Recently I’ve taken to writing terrible haiku.

  • In early spring, peony watch begins when the shoots first emerge. It builds from there and I look forward to the last week of May. Each year they provide hope and joy. The post Peony season appeared first on Penguin Girl.
  • Wishing those of us in the stress of last minute preparations strength and to all of us a חג פסח שמח — a chag pesach sameach — a happy Passover. I hope we are able to find moments of joy in this […]
  • This spring is already full of delights as I explore and exclaim at what survived the winter and where the daffodils decide to pop up. As always Dot is here for the blanket lap snuggles and my spinning. The post … and […]

Book Reviews

I read many books, often as Advance Reader Copies (ARCs) provided by NetGalley or LibraryThing. This year I’ve started sharing what I’ve finished on Goodreads again and you can follow my 2024 reading challenge (though I’m likely behind in updating).