Kitten Resources

I began fostering kittens in June 2013.

This page includes a few of my tips for helping kittens, various resources I turn to, and some photos of the kittens I’ve worked with over the years.

My “sweet spot” is working with 6-8 week old kittens who need help with their socialization skills. I’ve also fostered some moms with their babies. I love when a kitten is ready to look for their forever home.

I work most closely with the Humane Society of Westchester at New Rochelle and we support each other. I help with kittens in need and they support my volunteer efforts with on-call medical care, food/litter, and the entire adoption process. If you would like to be considered to adopt a kitten I am fostering, you can apply here.

Foster Status

(03 July 2023) I have not yet restarted active fostering due to ongoing family (human) caregiving responsibilities.

Please help out fosterers and kittens if you can. Kitten season is critical and organizations need your support. Thank you.

Please consider a donation to the Humane Society of Westchester at New Rochelle.

3 ways to help

  1. Donate Money. Find an organization and make a donation.
  2. Share Awareness. Help share news about TNR in your community, kittens and older cats who are available for adoption. Like that social media post and share it.
  3. Donate Time. Beyond fostering, you may find your time can be used with your organization in different ways. Help them with laundry, sort donations, be creative!

Top 3 tips

  1. Have a number of an expert to call and use it if you have a question. Kittens are tiny and a little change may affect them quickly.
  2. Get comfortable talking about poop (and looking at it). You will quickly learn to analyze different colors and consistencies. The photos and texts on my cell phone are as likely to be adorable pics of kittens as what comes out their back end.
  3. Keep them warm and have fun.


Selected Articles I’ve written

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Current Full-Time Residents

Dot was adopted after a month of fostering in the summer of 2019. She loves boxes, laps with handknit blankets, and bird watching.